About us

Who we are and why we are here

Our main goal is providing a meeting place for testers and giving each tester of Yekaterinburg city an easy way to get community help.

Our plans

We organized a lecture from guru of testing for our community, made a meeting and now with part our community planning to translate a book. We also hope, that there are a lot of people amongst us who want to share their experience, knowledge and, perhaps, even ask and discuss subjects everyone is curious about.

How to stay updated

Please subsribe to our news via RSS, or just visit the site sometimes. We also have a news mailng list you could subsribe to.

You can find here

News feed events, which we will try to announce 2-3 weeks before.

Members – people who are actively involved in the community life.

Activities – this is how members elaborate Software Testing activities and go beyond their routine work. Our city have to know their QA heroes and you have an opportunity to join the growing movement. You can find also the list of Ural Conferances speakers.

Let us know – if you know any action or speaker! Write us if you are ready to come out and have a reason to get together. We’ll get back to you, make an announcement, provide the space and mobilize Ural testers.

What we are not

  • We are not a hiring pool, we do not leak participant’s e-mails, we are against both hunting and publishing descriptions of job opportunities.
  • We are against companies direct advertising. However organizational support is a good cause and is worthy of mentioning.